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In 1995: Chris Kirkpatrick, originally from Pittusburg, PA moved to Orlando, Fl., where he then started working at Universal Studios as a doo-wop singer. It was there where he met Joey Fatone, who originally originated from Brooklyn, NY. While they were starting to get to know each other, Joshua Chasez ( J.C.), originally from Washington, DC and Justin Timberlake who was born in Memphis, Tennessee, both had a gig on a Disney Show called The Mickey Mouse Club, which took place also in Orlando, where they met. Justin new Chris from auditions, and J.C. was friends with Joey. Chris had the initial idea to form a group, but one part was missing, that of course was the fifth member. Justin called his vocal coach back in Memphis, hoping in finding a recommended "low guy". Where that's how James Bass ( Lance) enters the picture.
Now all they needed was a name. Justin's mother thought of a name that they liked *N SYNC! That's how they started, they got the whole group, the name, and the record deal, and now they were ready to show the world their talent.
4 years later ( 1999): They are still doing what they love, and have succeeded in many ways and more too come!! *//\\// SYNC RULES!!!!!

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