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Lyte Funkie Ones Paradise

Group members: Rich Cronin, Brad Fischetti and Devin Lima.

The way LFO came together:    Two years ago, Brad and Rich met at a New York party.  After giving a outstanding performance, they decided to form a group. Rich had the idea to bring Devin on board, and LFO was born.

    LFO's music is a mixture of Rap, R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop. Brad, Rich and Devin has the unique edge of performing with a live deejay, who's featured on their upcoming debut album. With their talent, and upbeat music, they had sold out shows in Europe. Now they are in the U.S. and are ready for everything!
Hope you enjoy my LFO! Get their CD if you don't have it yet. Go to links and their's a link to where you can buy LFO's album. Please come back!
More stuff to come such as: updates on: Tour Dates and Appearances, News, More pics, and discogrpahy!

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