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Brad's Bio

Full Name: Bradley David Fischetti
Birth Date: 9/11/75
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185lbs
Nickname: "B"
Write with: Right hand
Piercing(s): 4 in my ears
Pets: Jingles my 16yr old black cat
Innie or Outtie: Neither in the middle
Brothers/ Sisters: Michael - 10, Robert - 34 and Richie - 35
Language Spoken: English, German enough to get around and can read French

Song: "Lose Control"- Silk
Food: Ice cream
Cartoon: Beavis and Butthead
Animal: Cat
Sport: Baseball
Drinks: water
Video Game: NHL for Sega
Color: Black
Car: 2 door Cadillac
Cologne: DKNY
Unleaded City: Miami Beach
Movie: Romeo & Juliet

Album/CD: The Who
Concert: R. Kelly
Kiss: Katie Wagner @ a school dance
Hobbies: Weight lifting, sleeping and writing.
Ethnic heritage: 75% Italian, 20% German and 5% Irish
Musical instrument played: Keyboard
Describe the perfect date: Like to just chill, so cooking dinner for my date, renting a movie and having desert
Tooth Brush Color: Blue
Tooth Paste Brand: I'm a "Crest Kid"
Boxers or Briefs: Boxerbreifs
Item you couldn't live without: My CD player
Shampoo: "El Vital" (some German shampoo)
Shoe size: 12 or 13
If Brad weren't in LFO he would: Baseball player

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