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Devin's Bio

Full Name: Harold "Devin" Lima
Birth Date: 3/18/77
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175
Writes with: Right hand
Tattoos: Cross, Dragon
Piercing: Ears
Innie or outtie: innie
Brothers/ Sisters: Derek 20, Nick 15
Language Spoken: English and Portuguese

Song: "All the Things your Man Won't Do"- Joe
Food: Chicken
Cartoon: Batman
Animal: Cheetah
Sport: Football
Drinks: Water
Video Game: Resident Evil (Play Station)
Color: Green
Car: Lamborghini
Cologne: Eternity
City: Boston
Movie: Braveheart

Album/CD: Jodeci
Concert: Color Me Badd
Kiss: Lydia , it was in school
Hobbies: Drawing, singing, working out
Ethnic heritage: Portuguese
Musical instrument played: Piano
Describe the perfect date: Do the town, hold hands, then cuddling at night on the beach
Tooth Brush Color: Green
Tooth Paste Brand: Colgate
Boxers or Briefs: CK
Item you could not live without: my CD's
Shampoo: whatever
Shoe size: 10
If Devin wasn't in LFO he would be: an astronaut. "I want to travel and go beyond this world. To be Lost in Space. . . "
Fav. song on album: "Forever"

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