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JustiN Bio

Full Name: Justin Randall Timberlake
Born: 1/31/81 Memphis, Tennessee
Sign: Aquarius
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Sandy Blond
Height & Weight: 6 Foot 170 lbs
Parents' Names: Paul & Lynn Harless, Randy & Lisa Timberlake
Siblings: Half Brothers Jonathan, Stephen
Pets: Ozzie, Terrier
Home: Orlando, Florida
Fav. Food: Cereal, pasta
Fav. Sport: Basketball
Fav. Movies: The Usual Suspect, 12 Monkeys
Fav. Color: Baby Blue
Fav. Music: Hip-Hop
Fav. Team: Orlando Magic
Fav. Player: Penny Hardaway
Hobbies: Basketball, sports, rollerblading
Fav. Singer: Brian McKnight
Nicknames: Curly, Mr. Smoothe
Justin's Car: Is a ruby red, chromed out, Mercedes-Benz M Class
Most Disgusting Habit: Clearing his throat
If he could change anything about himself it would be: His curly hair
If he could trade places with someone for a day it would be: Michael Jordan
Little Known Fact: In the morning, well let's just say WATCH OUT!
Justin Thinks: Dru Hill is the coolest band
Fav. TV Shows: Seinfeld, Friends and South Park
Best Friends: Jimmy, Trace, CHRIS, LANCE, J.C., JOEY
Justin Likes To Spend His Time: At Movies, with Friends, playing Basketball
If He Where A Mouse He Would Love To Be : In the White House
Dislikes: Fake people, racism, and dishonest people
Justin Would Never: Pose naked for money
Collector's Item: Sneakers, B-ball gear
Fav. 'N SYNC Song: "GMHSALMTOY", because it's the perfect love song. And because he's very spiritual it relates to him
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