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ChriS Bio

Full name: Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick
Born: 10/17/71 Clarion, Pittsburgh USA
Nicknames: Lucky
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height & Weight: 5'9" 165 lbs
Parent's Names: Bev
Home: Orlando, Florida
Siblings: Sisters, Molly, 24, Kate, 22, Emily, 15, and Taylor, 5.
Fav. Food: Tacos
Star Sign: Libra
Pets: 1 Tree
Fav. Sports: Hockey, football
Fav. Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins
Fav. Color: Silver
Chris Drives: His Nikes ( no car)
Fav. Movie Stars: Adam Sandler, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee
Fav. Music: Busta Rhymes, Beastie Boys
Fav. TV Shows: The Simpsons, South Park, all cartoons
Collectors Items: Records
Hobbies: rollerblading, roller hockey, basketball
Fav. 'N SYNC Song: "Giddy Up", since 'N SYNC wrote it
Chris is afraid of: HEIGHTS and COMMITMENT

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