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JoeY Bio

Full Name: Joseph Anthony Fatone
Born: 1/28/77 Brooklyn, NY
Siblings: Sister, Janine, 26; brother, Steven, 24
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height & Weight: 6 Foot 175 lbs
Parents' Names: Phyllis & Joe
Home: Orlando, Florida
Fav. Food: Italian
Star Sign: Aquarius
Fav. Colors: Purple and red
Hobbies: Video Games
Fav. Singers: Boyz II Men
Fav. Music: Musicals and movie soundtracks
Fav. Actor: Robert De Niro Joey Drives: An Acura SLX
Fav. Movies: Billy Madison, My Life
Collectors Item: Superman memorabilia
Last School Attended: Dr. Phillips H.S.
Fav. 'N SYNC Song: " I Want You Back", because it was their first to go gold.

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